How We Serve

We strive to be the trusted advisor you call first. Our clients tell us some of the most valuable work we do with them is organizing and simplifying their financial affairs and adding meaning and a sense of purpose to their financial decisions. Throughout our work, we help our clients build plans that are reflective of their core values and goals for contributing to the well-being of their families and communities.

Our approach suits individuals and families that have a long-term vision for their wealth, and who also desire a partnership with a professional team to guide their wealth to sustain life’s inevitable transitions.

We start with what matters most to you

Before we begin any kind of financial analysis or planning, we take time to listen to your story. We respect your goals, concerns, and preferences.

We develop your strategic financial plan

After exploring and clarifying your goals, we’ll begin a comprehensive information gathering process that brings your financial picture into focus. Then, we’ll build a strategic plan that can help you reach your short and long-term goals.

We evaluate the options

We are your thought partner, helping you make informed decisions by identifying what is working, what can be improved, and making sure you have the advisory team you need.

We coordinate with your other professionals

In collaboration with your other professionals, we integrate the various pieces of your financial plan into a custom composite plan you can understand. We find that working as a team with outside advisors, such as CPAs, attorneys, and insurance brokers increases confidence in our clients’ decisions and inclination to take action.

We prepare family members to manage wealth

We are prepared to facilitate family meetings when important family discussions need to occur, or decisions need to be made. When it is time to prepare the next generation, we offer financial education and help strengthen the connection to how the family wealth was created.

We use financial science to help you pursue a better investment experience

We understand there are many aspects to investing that are uncontrollable. Our evidence-based investment philosophy helps our clients focus on what they can control. We take great satisfaction that our clients continue to enjoy their lives when the market is volatile. Our clients understand their portfolios are built to accommodate a range of outcomes and their level of risk has been adjusted to fit their needs.

We monitor the implementation of your plan

The implementation of our recommendations is delivered with a disciplined approach. We offer quarterly consolidated reporting and financial reviews, along with access to a mobile application to monitor your progress towards your goals. We also provide continuous support in response to questions or issues that arise between scheduled meetings.


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