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Our Name

In Medieval France, noble households often assigned the management of domestic affairs to the seneschal. The role of the seneschal was to serve and advise the owner, consistently placing the owner’s interest ahead of his own.

Today, the English language equivalent of a seneschal is a steward. Like the medieval French seneschal, we see ourselves as stewards of our client’s estate, with a fiduciary duty to put their interests first.

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What is a family office? The Family Wealth Alliance defines a multifamily office as a specific type of North American wealth management firm, identified by a certain client base, service menu, delivery model, and level of experience that sets it apart from other wealth management firms. Multifamily offices serve several unrelated private families and deliver a family office experience.

True family offices understand the meaning of wealth and what it represents. They listen and connect with clients on a deeper level. Historically, this exclusive level of service has been primarily offered to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families.

Since opening our doors in 2004

We have provided a family office experience to our clients and not just those who are ultra-high-net-worth. We are the team they trust during life transitions and the guide they rely on when the terrain in their journey shifts.

For us, it’s about being their family office and making family office services accessible.

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In 2023

We changed our name from Seneschal Advisors to Seneschal Family Office. New name, same core values delivering a reimagined commitment to the future of our client families.

Our name says it all.
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2323 North 30th Street, Suite 200
Tacoma, WA 98403

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