March 20, 2024

Integrated Prosperity: Comprehensive Wealth Solutions for High-Net-Worth Individuals

By Team Seneschal

High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) face unique challenges and opportunities. The traditional approach to wealth management tends to have a more transactional feel and is often centered on financial products, investments and asset allocation. This approach often falls short when encompassing the broader scope of needs that accompany substantial wealth.

Integrated prosperity goes beyond financial management; it is about bringing together all aspects of life to ensure wealth grows, that it sustains life transitions, and aligns with goals, values, and legacy aspirations. Our comprehensive approach tailors wealth solutions to suit the complex lives of HNWIs.

We understand life does not always fit a model.

What is Holistic Wealth Management?

Holistic wealth management is a more relational approach to managing wealth that considers all aspects of your life, not just your money. It considers your values, goals, relationships, health, and personal growth. We understand a family’s net worth is not just financial. It includes other forms of capital too – the opportunity to thrive as individuals and a family, how you can show up for others, and the impact you can have in your community.

The idea is to create a comprehensive financial plan that aligns with your overall life plan and helps you achieve your financial and non-financial objectives.

Investment Strategies: Tailoring to Risk and Reward

The investment landscape for HNWIs is often more expansive than that of other investors.  They can access alternative investments like private equity, hedge funds, and real estate ventures. However, more options do not inherently mean better outcomes.

The key is constructing a portfolio that balances risk with potential returns, considering your risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives. This portfolio will be diversified across asset classes, geographical boundaries, and industries to mitigate risk and participate in opportunities globally.

We believe each client has a unique benchmark that is best measured by their ability to live life on their terms and stay disciplined with their financial plan when uncertainty strikes.

Tax Optimization: More Than Just Savings

Tax optimization for HNWIs involves proactive tax planning to minimize, defer, or eliminate taxes. It uses sophisticated strategies that consider the implications of various investment vehicles and income sources.

Some examples of tax optimization strategies for HNWIs include:

1. Tax-Loss Harvesting: This strategy involves selling investments that have lost value to offset gains and reduce tax liabilities.

2. Tax-Efficient Investment Vehicles: HNWIs can invest in tax-efficient vehicles like Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and municipal bonds to reduce tax liabilities.

3. Charitable Giving: HNWIs can donate to charitable causes to reduce tax liability.

4. Tax-Deferred Investments: HNWIs can invest in tax-deferred accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s to reduce tax liabilities.

5. Trusts: HNWIs can use trusts to pass their wealth to future generations while minimizing estate taxes.

These are just a few examples of tax optimization strategies for HNWIs. The best approach will ultimately depend on your financial situation. We often collaborate with our client’s tax advisors to deliver more proactive, customized strategies that can be right sized for their needs.

By integrating tax considerations into the investment process, HNWIs can protect their wealth and ensure they are not eroding gains through inefficiencies.

Estate and Legacy Planning: Securing the Future

HNWIs must consider what will happen to their wealth once they are no longer around to manage it. Estate planning for the affluent is not just about drafting a will; it is about establishing a comprehensive plan that addresses your wealth transition to future generations or charitable causes. It includes using trusts, philanthropic structures, and other legal mechanisms to preserve and transfer your legacy according to your wishes. It also includes essential family wealth education and connecting future generations to how the wealth was created. When the family story is lost along the way or beneficiaries are not prepared, there is increased risk of seeing wealth go from “t-shirts to t-shirts” in as little as 3 generations. More on this in the family governance section below.

Philanthropy: Giving with Purpose

Philanthropy is a core component of holistic wealth management for HNWIs. It is not merely about donating money; it is about creating a strategic approach to giving that reflects personal values and maximizes impact. It might involve setting up a private foundation, contributing to donor-advised funds, or engaging in impact investing, where investments are made to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact and generate a financial return.

Lifestyle Management: Beyond the Balance Sheet

For HNWIs, wealth is not just about the numbers in their accounts; it is about what those numbers enable them to do.

Lifestyle management services are integral to holistic wealth solutions, encompassing everything from luxury asset management (like yachts and private jets) to personal security services, travel experiences, property management, and concierge healthcare. Advisors in this realm work to ensure your lifestyle is maintained and safeguarded.

Family Governance: Sustaining Wealth Across Generations

Sustaining wealth across multiple generations is a common concern for HNWIs, which is where family governance is involved. It is about establishing structures and practices that promote transparency, education, and communication within the family. This process often includes developing family mission statements, holding regular family meetings, and providing financial education to ensure wealth is a positive force and supports the family's collective vision.

Personalized Financial Services: A Custom Fit

Holistic wealth solutions are highly personalized, considering financial metrics, personal ambitions, family dynamics, and health considerations. Wealth advisors may work alongside a team of professionals, including accountants, lawyers, and life coaches, to deliver a service that encompasses every aspect of an HNWI’s life.

We observe our clients tend to meet with us more frequently than many of their other advisors. We are delighted to take the first call and coordinate the advisory team when necessary.

Technology and Wealth Management

From sophisticated algorithms for portfolio management to secure communication platforms for consultation and coordination, technology enables better analysis, more informed decision-making, and enhanced communication between HNWIs and their advisory team.

Final Thoughts

Integrated, holistic prosperity represents a paradigm shift in wealth management for high-net-worth individuals. It is a recognition that true wealth extends beyond financial assets and includes the health of family relations, the pursuit of passions, and the fulfillment of a greater purpose.

For HNWIs, embracing a comprehensive wealth solution is not just a strategy—it is a philosophy that blends all facets of wealth to foster an enriched life in the present and future generations.

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