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Business Succession

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The sale of a business requires a solid strategy to support the financial and emotional needs of the transaction. The more time a business owner can prepare for the transition, the better. Here’s how we can help.

  • We can put together a team consisting of your financial advisor, investment banker, legal counsel, business valuation expert and accountant. We can coordinate the work of these professionals, so you have an integrated plan.
  • We can help with the decision about whether your business should be sold to employees, family members or unaffiliated third parties.
  • We can evaluate whether the proceeds of the sale, net of taxes, will be enough to support you and your family in the future.
  • Working with your tax professional, we manage the tax consequences of the proceeds from the sale, with the goal of planning a tax-efficient exit strategy.
  • We can revise your retirement plan to accommodate for the change in your status as a business owner and help you plan for retirement.
  • We can manage your investments, including the proceeds from the sale of your business.
  • Working with your estate planning attorney, we can update your estate plan to take into account the sale of your business.
  • We can assist with helping you make charitable contributions in a tax efficient manner.
  • We can help protect your assets.
We understand how hard you’ve worked to build a successful business and how important it is to maximize the benefits of this liquidity event.
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