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Divorce is often a time of major emotional upheaval, great stress and uncertainty. It also has serious financial ramifications. Particularly for women, these issues can have catastrophic consequences unless they are handled professionally.

  • We have vast experience with a variety of divorce processes, such as collaborative, negotiated settlement, mediation, and expert witness testimony for litigated cases. We can assemble the professionals capable of guiding you to a more confident settlement; then coordinate and integrate of the work of these professionals so you have a financial plan that prepares you for post-divorce.
  • We can identify and analyze the short-term and long-term effects of proposed and counter-proposed settlements in a way that considers tax impacts, lifestyle, support needs, retirement and other financial objectives during divorce and beyond.
  • Working with your tax advisor, we can coordinate advice on the tax issues relating to your divorce.
  • We can provide important calculations and projections for proposed settlement agreements to help your negotiations. We can also prepare many types of asset tracing for separate and community property interests in investment accounts, retirement plans, employer stock plans, and many other types of assets.
  • We can review insurance policies and provide advice on whether there is adequate insurance to protect you in the event of the premature death of your ex-spouse. We can also review insurance policies you will need going forward
  • We can assist with the post-divorce implementation of your settlement, account openings and closures, and transfer of assets.
  • We can rebuild your financial plan and help to maximize the potential of your divorce settlement.
One of the biggest mistakes made in a divorce is not engaging a qualified financial advisor along with legal counsel. It is vital that you invest in the process and have the right team to support you. We can help with these financial issues and many others that frequently arise in a divorce setting.
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