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Unexpected Wealth

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When we hear the term “sudden wealth” most of us react positively. How great would it be to win the lottery, receive an unexpected inheritance or other windfall? The reality can be quite different.

Those who experience sudden wealth are at risk of serious emotional and financial challenges. There’s even a name for the anxiety and fear many experience: “Sudden Wealth Syndrome.” We help you avoid this syndrome by crafting a plan and assisting you in making intelligent, strategic, long-term decisions about investing unexpected wealth. Here are some common issues you may confront.

  • How to resist the temptation to “take action”, and precipitously make decisions that might adversely impact you over the long term.
  • How to calculate your tax liability.
  • If this option is available, whether to take a lump sum or a payout over time.
  • How to invest your funds.
  • Whether it’s prudent to set up a trust.
  • How to manage the pressure or responsibility you may feel to help others, such as your family, friends, or charitable organizations.
  • How to establish financial goals and priorities to maximize the use of your wealth.
Sudden wealth is a once in a lifetime event for you. We deal with these types of financial issues regularly. You can trust our experience and judgment.
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